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Charity Never Failing," by Toni Thomas and Annette Dickman, was given an Award of Merit at the 2015 LDS Music Submission Awards in the Relief Society category.

"Now Is the Hour for Faith not Fear," by Toni Thomas, was a finalist in the 2015 LDS Church Music Submission Awards in the hymn category.

"Come All Unto the Temple," winner of an Award of Distinction in the 2009 hymn text awards, is now available on the Church Music website HERE.


OCT 28 2013

LDS Relief Society Music Awards Concert

FEB 17 2014

LDS Music Festival Concert
7:30 pm
Assembly Hall, Temple Square
Songs of Everlasting Joy


This site contains original works of sacred music written with Toni Thomas as lyricist and several composers providing the musical settings for the words. All music here is available for free, non-commercial use. That means you can sing it, play it, copy it, or send it to a friend who wants to do so also. But you can't record it, commercially perform it, or sell it without written authorization.

If you have any questions about usage or to find more about commercial use, please contact me here. For more music selections by Toni Thomas with Diane Tuiofu, visit

Featured Works

Come All Unto the Temple

This hymn will appear in the June 2016 edition of Ensign Magazine. It celebrates the temple as a place to learn the mysteries of godliness. The temple is a place where holiness, perfect love, and peace unmeasured may be found as we learn and make covenants. This hymn text won an Award of Distinction at the 2009 LDS Church Music Submissions awards.

Music: Brett Stewart

Traditional SATB hymn in four verses

Difficulty: medium

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As Sudden Angels Filled the Night

This lovely Christmas hymn is a collaboration with the amazing Sally DeFord.

Music: Sally DeFord

Traditional SATB hymn in five verses with piano and two flutes

Difficulty: medium

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The Hidden Things of Heaven

This lovely arrangement for women by Annette Dickman tells of service on our behalf by angels, as well as the miracles our service may perform.

Music: Annette Dickman


Difficulty: medium

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I Want to Be Baptized

"I Want to be Baptized" is a song for baptism, written for my own grandchildren. The song teaches about baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end, all set to a beautiful, flowing accompaniment.

Music: Brandon Stewart

Song for Children

Difficulty: medium

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They Will Not Doubt Their Mothers Knew

This two-part song for women's voices tells the story of a remarkable woman, a mother of one of the 2,000 stripling warriors. Like many modern remarkable women and mothers today, her fearless actions and unwavering faith laid the groundwork for an unshakeable testimony in her sons and daughters. This song won an Award of Merit in the Relief Society division of the 2011 Church Music Submissions awards. It will be performed with other award-winning songs from the Relief Society contest on October 28, 2011, in Salt Lake City.

Music: Margo Edgeworth

Solo with optional second part for Women's Voices

Difficulty: medium

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